Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Do you need ideas to inspire your next bathroom renovation? Here are some ideas that will set you up with the perfect bathroom for you and your family. 

Upgrade The Vanity


Sometimes, changing one aspect of the bathroom can be all you need. Installing a new bathroom vanity is a simple way to give yourself more storage space, rework the sink, and provide a focal point for your new bathroom. If you have a specific bathroom style you want to meet, the material, colour, finish, and design essentials are all safe options. 

You can use your vanity upgrade to give your bathroom more workable space. Consider adding a wall-mounted unit to give you extra floor space and a stylish contemporary look. Going from a single to a double sink provides more room for two – especially if you have a partner who likes to hog the mirror in the morning!


Oversized Mirrors

SWO – bathroom Mirror


Speaking of which – one trend you can use to your advantage is oversized bathroom mirrors. Mirrors reflect light to create the impression of a larger space. When paired with lighting, a large mirror can turn what was once a dark bathroom into a much brighter space. An oversized mirror also makes getting ready in the morning a cinch when you have to share the bathroom!


Add Some Wood


It used to be that all the humidity, moisture, and spilled water would damage and warp wood. It used to be that we kept wood as far away from the bathroom as possible. No longer! There are more water-resistant wood products available to homeowners who love the rustic look, and now, flooring and countertops made of wood have a place in the modern bathroom.

While you should still exercise caution, polyurethane coatings and prefinished hardwood flooring have made wood far more resistant to water than before. You may have to apply a finish specifically for wet environments every year or two.


Choose A Stylish Paint Colour


In thinking of your bathroom renovation, one of the hardest parts to choose is the paint. You want one that will stand the test of time so you don’t have to repaint the whole room. If you’re looking for something to last you in 2022 and beyond, taupe is an ideal choice. It’s a neutral colour that will lend your space some much-needed warmth. 

You can choose a type of taupe to lend your bathroom the look you want – a shade that’s heavier on the brown gives off a rustic, earthy look, while one with more gray is more modern. Giving a lighter shade of taupe a purply base will add some colour!


Radiant Flooring


If you’re still not sold on wooden flooring in the bathroom, why not try radiant heat tiles? They’ll give your toes a toasty treat to start the morning, boosting your bath’s existing heating system. While it can take time to heat up, a programmable thermostat can eliminate the cold by the time your morning alarm goes off.


Spa-Like Environments

SWO –relaxing bathroom

With the lines between work and home blurring in the past two years, more people want their bathroom to be a relaxing space. They’re using their renovations to turn it into a retreat from work, societal obligations, and – yes – sometimes family! 

When you’re designing your bathroom, you might want to think about how the appliances and details work together to create a spa. An elegant free-standing tub, built-in sound systems, rain showers, and wicker implements for washcloths and Turkish towels can all make a getaway atmosphere right in your home.


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