Home Gym Renovations: 5 Tips For Home Gym Additions


Has the pandemic got you thinking about setting up a gym right in your home? Even if you don’t have a lot of space, creating a dedicated home gym in which to put store gear and exercise will encourage you to move more. Here are five tips for when you’re making a home gym addition.



Carefully plan the room and give yourself enough space


Home Gym Renovations: 5 Tips For Home Gym Additions, home gym ImageWhen designing an addition for a home gym, you have to have the right amount of space for cardio machines, weights, yoga mats, and all your other equipment. Once the addition is complete and you find out you don’t have enough space, it will be a real challenge to expand the room again. Make a plan with all the exercise equipment you have and will be getting.

If your budget is a premium, you might want your home gym in a room you don’t use too often. Choose wisely – some rooms are better than others! You have to consider the weight of the equipment you’ll be using, the space available for said equipment, and where the home gym is in relation to other areas of the house. If it’s not on the ground floor or basement, have the structural integrity of the room examined by a professional.

For example, most garages have durable floors, storage space, electrical outlets, and proper ventilation. It’s also private, so you’re less likely to wake up your family during an early morning workout. You might also consider combining a home gym with your office, so give each use a designated area to keep your large cardio equipment from getting in the way of office supplies.


Install rubber flooring


home gymHeavy gym equipment, especially when you’re starting, can have a huge impact on your home – literally. Set down heavyweights too quickly, and you can do some real damage to your floors. Protect them from damage by installing rubber mats! 

When it comes to home gym flooring, rubber is the best option; it’s cheap, easy to install, and very protective of the material beneath. It also helps reduce the noise of machines, so when you’re running on a treadmill, you won’t annoy anyone in the rooms around you.


Install a mirror


There’s a reason fitness centres have mirrors: watching your form as you exercise helps you correct any mistakes and minimize injury. It’s even more necessary when you’re working out on your own and don’t have someone correcting your form. While it can’t replace a personal trainer, having a full-size mirror in your home gym can help you exercise safely and properly.


Consider covering a wall with chalkboard paint


Do you find it hard to stick with your fitness plan? Do your goals seem like distant dreams? Having them laid out in front of you can make a big difference. Paint an accent wall with chalkboard paint will let you mark your progress, adjust plans as needed, and envision a longer view of your fitness goals. 


Make room for storage


A home gym requires enough storage to hold and organize all the odds and ends you’ll accumulate. Many people don’t realize how important it is until they’re struggling to tidy up after each workout. A dresser or sideboard to store your belongings will not only add function, but if you choose the right style, it can make the room a lot more comfortable, too!

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