How Long Do Fences Last On Average?

When it comes to protecting your property and adding value to your home, there is no doubt that a fence is one of the most effective ways to do this. Fences come in many different types and sizes and can last anywhere from a few years to decades. Today we’ll take an in-depth look into average fence lifespan, maintenance guidelines, materials, and tips on optimizing the life of your outdoor fence.

Factors That Affect Fence Life Expectancy


When it comes to the life expectancy of a fence, there are many important factors that should be taken into consideration. Quality of the materials used, level of maintenance performed and weather conditions are all significant issues that have an effect on the longevity of a fence. It is possible for a fence with good quality materials and proper maintenance to last up to 20 years or more, making it an excellent investment. Additionally, as climate extremes such as strong storms and high winds can cause stress to even the sturdiest fences, preparations like using galvanized nails and anchoring posts in concrete can help protect them against extreme weather conditions and enable them to stand the test of time.


Understanding the Types of Fences and Their Durability


How Long Do Fences Last On Average?, Fences ImageUnderstanding the types of fences and their durability is important when planning to install a new fence around your property. Different properties have different needs, so it’s essential to know what type of fence would work best for yours. There are chain link, picket, and privacy fences which vary in style, cost, installation process and durability. Privacy fences often require more maintenance due to the way it blocks out light but offers optimal security for one’s property. However, picket fences might serve as a stylish addition to one’s home if it is not very large in size and meets certain requirements like height regulations. Chain link fencing is easy to maintain and may be the most affordable option depending on what levels of protection one needs while maximizing their budget. In any case, understanding how these three different types of fences meet particular needs can ensure that you make an informed decision that works best for your situation.


How to Extend the Life of Your Fence


Keeping your fence in good condition to extend its lifespan is key to avoiding costly replacement. To ensure longevity, start by investing in a quality fence that is treated for outdoor use. Regularly inspect the fence and look for any signs of warping, rotting or galvanic corrosion and treat accordingly. When needed, give your fence a wash with soap and water or an approved cleaning solution as recommended by the manufacturer. Finally, keeping vegetation from growing at the base of your fence helps avoid moisture buildup that can expedite decay. Taking these simple steps into account will help ensure you spend less time worrying about your fence and more time enjoying it for years to come!


Fence Installation and Maintenance


How Long Do Fences Last On Average?, Fences ImageSWO General Contracting can help you select the right fence for your property and install it correctly so that it lasts. In addition, we specialize in fence repair and maintenance services to ensure your fence stands the test of time. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing options or book a free consultation with one of our experts!


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