Are Touchless Faucets A Good Addition To A Kitchen Renovation?


Kitchen renovations are excellent opportunities for modernizing and adding convenience to the home. A popular addition is a touchless faucet, which doesn’t require an on-off handle. How do these models work, and what benefits may they give your new kitchen?


How Do Touchless Faucets Work?


Touchless faucetstouchless faucets work using a small infrared or motion-activated sensor that detects when hands are beneath the spout. The light deflection caused by hands moving in front of the sensor activates an electromagnet that opens the tap for water. While the sensor activates the flow, the user must manually adjust the water temperature through a separate handle.

Most touchless faucets are battery-operated, meaning that they need no wiring; we can install them almost as simply as touch faucets. The battery pack must be mounted in an accessible location beneath the sink. You can also find options that require wiring, an outlet for a plug, or even rely on solar power.

Other than that, touchless faucets come in as many finishes as ordinary faucets – chrome, stainless, copper, nickel, bronze, and more. They also can look as modern or classic as you want. You have many options that will match all your new kitchen’s décor choices.


What Are The Benefits Of Touchless Faucets?


have many advantages. You’ll appreciate the feature when your hands are dirty and you want to clean them ASAP. Whether you’ve handled uncooked ingredients, got your hands dirty in the garden, or worked out in the garage, you won’t have to worry about getting any surfaces around the faucet dirty. You’ll no longer have to worry about transferring dirt, germs, or grim onto the faucet when cleaning up your hands.

Of course, this means there are fewer chances for bacterial growth. While we rely on them for cleaning, faucets themselves are a magnet for germs. A touchless faucet limits the opportunities for transferring germs from one person to another, a benefit during cold and flu season or when handling raw meat.


Should You Add A Touchless Faucet To Your Kitchen Renovation?


Are Touchless Faucets A Good Addition To A Kitchen Renovation?, touchless faucets ImageThere can be some frustrations with the sensors in touchless faucets, which you may know if you’ve struggled with them in public bathrooms. You can select faucets with more than one sensor for a more reliable water flow, but these can be more costly. However, they can also save you money over time by reducing water usage since they have automatic faucet shut-off. 

Touchless faucets add convenience and accessibility to a kitchen’s water supply. When selecting the best model for your renovation, take time to read up on the models, learn how many sensors each option has, and compare consumer reviews. Pay attention to what the reviews say about sensor accuracy and sensitivity.

Regardless of your renovation goals, a touchless faucet can look and act right at home in your new kitchen. If you have space in your budget, consider adding this feature!


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