Why Choose Granite Countertops?

For decades, people have touted granite as the best material for countertops. Is it all hype? We don’t think so – there are many benefits to bringing this natural material into your home. Why should you choose custom granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom counters?


Granite Countertops Look Incredible


The main reason why people choose granite for their counters is its appearance. Granite is a natural stone, meaning every slab used for a counter has a one-of-a-kind appearance. You’ll find pieces in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and gradations, all with unique swirls, spots, and veins. It can give any countertop (and the room around it) an exciting new look!


Granite Is Durable


Granite countertops Of all the materials you could choose for countertops, few can match the granite in its durability. These surfaces go through so much wear and tear throughout the day, and factors like water, high heat, spills, and the impact of heavy objects can affect them. It’s why many are choosing granite: the material resists chips, dents, and high heat, and we apply a sealant on the slabs to prevent spilled liquids from getting into the pores and soaking into the countertop. 


Granite Countertops Are Easy to Clean


The smooth, polished surface of a sealed granite countertop is easy to wipe down, leaving your counters looking like they’ve never seen action. All you need is a little soap and water to do the trick: add everyday dish soap to warm water and clean with the nonabrasive side of a sponge. It makes it easier to keep your kitchen food-safe, too – granite with the proper sealant can help the surface resist bacteria.


Granite Countertops Are “Green”


Granite countertopsMore homeowners are thinking beyond how a material will look – they want to know that the process of making it was good for the environment. Because granite is an all-natural stone, countertops made with this material are one of the most environmentally friendly options! 

It also depends on how long the lifespan of granite can be. Laminate counters could need replacing three or four times while you’re enjoying one granite surface. In the long run, this makes granite countertops a cost-effective solution for homeowners.


Granite Can Add Value To A Home


Many prospective home buyers see granite countertops as a luxury feature; you may even notice how realtors mention them first in listings. Rather than being a trend with limited appeal, granite represents a classic design for both kitchens and bathrooms. 

If you choose to sell your home in the future, the granite in your home could make it much more desirable. If a potential buyer is debating between two homes – one with granite countertops and one without – the granite could be the factor that makes them choose your home!


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