5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Contractor

In the age of DIY decor and renovation, it seems like a step backwards to acknowledge that some tasks are best left to experts. When should you call a contractor? What do professional contractors do? How can you tell when a job is too big for your life hacks and personal tool box to handle? Keep reading for 5 situations where it’s better to pick up a phone than a sledgehammer.

Safety Concerns


ContractorSafety concerns are no laughing matter, especially for DIYers early in their journeys. If you intend on flipping a two-story house with loose shingles, shrieking pipes, and creaking floorboards, there is significant risk to your safety. A free in-home consultation with a SWO contractor can survey the task before you get started and help you take (appropriately cautious) steps towards the build of your dreams.




Let’s face it, even with all the how-to blogs and YouTube tutorials in the world, not everybody has the technical skill a big project requires. If we did, everyone would be contractors! On a similar note, not all bodies have the motor skill required to handle heavy or complex tools for hours at a time. If you have even the slightest bit of doubt in your physical abilities, avoid exertion by arranging for a contractor.




Take a look at the room you plan to renovate. Visualize your picture-perfect end goal. Now take a step back, rub the stars out of your eyes, and look at it again. Are you seeing the big picture? General contractors can oversee your entire project from blueprint to build. If your reno plans have you feeling in over your head, reach out to SWO General Contracting.




By their nature, some projects have tighter deadlines than others. Maybe your spare bedrooms need to be prepped in a hurry, or maybe weather and stormfronts are a factor. You’ll need to get your basement sealed before flood season to prevent damage and mould, and Old Man Winter won’t be kind if your windows are cracked. You can’t press pause on the clock, but you can take a deep breath and email your local contractor to hammer out a schedule.




5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Contractor, Contractor ImageDepending on your geography, you’ll need to secure the proper permits before you begin. Your dream backyard balcony can’t be impossibly huge, nor can you scrap that disastrous home flip without permission to demolish. Your friends at SWO General Contracting know the local laws like the backs of their hands.

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