4 Effective Tips for Preventing Mould In Your Basement

Basement mold is a common problem. When left unaddressed, the spores can impact you and your loved one’s health that can lead you to suffer from allergies, cold-like symptoms, and discomfort when breathing. Furthermore, the low air in your basement can rise through the rest of your house because of the air’s natural circulation.

Mould needs warmth, darkness, moisture, oxygen, a food source, and organic materials to grow, and all of them are usually found in your basement. The good news is that the growth of mould can be prevented by following the tips below:

  1. Invest in a quality ventilation system

A humid basement can be an ideal home to mould. If you live in a naturally humid area such as the coastlines or communities near a large body of water, your basement is more prone to growing mould. You can easily avoid this by investing in a quality ventilation system. 

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  1. Fix leaky pipes

Leaky pipes and faulty basement plumbing is a surefire way to bring in the mould. They are sneaky and can cause your water to accumulate without you even knowing, so make sure to do routine checks of your basement pipes regularly. 

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  1. Insulate your basement

Basement wall insulations are created differently. Remember that groundwater is usually being sucked up by your concrete down in your basement. To prevent mould problems caused by bad basement wall insulation, ask your contractor to insulate your basement and remember that it has different requirements than insulation for the other areas of your home. Insulate your interior basement walls and keep interior moisture in mind. This will prevent condensation, moisture, and mould in your basement walls.

  1. Check your sump pump

A sump pump is a powerful tool that can help defend against floods in your basement effectively. This works by disposing of excess water before it can build up. To prevent basement mould, make sure to keep your sump pump in excellent condition at all times. Otherwise, if your sump pump malfunctions, your basement can get flooded quickly, resulting in mould growth.


The growth of mould in your basement can easily get out of your control when you fail to take the necessary steps. To prevent its formation in the first place and avoid suffering from the health consequences of having a mouldy basement, follow the tips listed above and work with a reputable company that specializes in caring for your basement.

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