6 Tasks of General Contractors in a Renovation Project

You may have often heard the words ‘general contractors’ when it comes to any project. Know that these individuals play a very crucial role in the overall success in constructing or renovating a home or building. 

Generally, a contractor is considered as the main or prime individual who heads out a construction project. This means that they are responsible for overseeing the site, managing the vendors and trades, as well as communicating with all stakeholders involved daily. Put simply, a contractor ensures the overall success of the construction or renovation.

The question is, what exactly does a general contractor do? In this article, we will share with you their typical tasks that you should know about. Keep on reading to find out more.

The work scope of a general contractor

For a renovation project, they are hired to make processes done and make your life easier and not give you headaches at all. For this reason, what you need are general contractors with superior project management and communication skills. 

Here’s a checklist of responsibilities that excellent individuals must perform:

1. Licensing

A general contractor is responsible for obtaining proper licensing for your renovation. Along with this includes getting insurance and securing all the paperwork required by the city and state. Your hired contractor must also inspect the site conditions and review all relevant documents and drawings. That way, they fully understand the project so that a bid or proposal can be generated.

2. Contract Finalization

After initial licensing and reviewing of the overall construction or renovation project, a general contractor will then finalize the contract. They will specify in detail the scope of work, schedule, and everything that has to do with construction or renovation project.

3. Payment

Pricing and payment play a crucial factor in the overall equation of a construction project. A general contractor must be the person who defines the payment and deliverable schedules. All these should be agreed upon by other subcontractors, collaborators, vendors, and other stakeholders involved.

4. Resource Gathering

There is a wide range of resources needed in a construction or renovation project. These include the workforce, the tools and equipment needed, material supplies, and various services required. Your hired general contractor should be able to provide and manage all these resources to ensure that the job is done efficiently.

5. Collaboration and Coordination

A general contractor plays a vital role in dealing with all stakeholders involved in the renovation project. First, your hired contractor should collaborate with the architects, engineers, and design team to make sure that everyone knows what they need to do. Second, they must coordinate with the subcontractors and other trades required by the scope of work. Finally, they must coordinate with the client when they review the project after completion.

6. Management

Ultimately, a general contractor should manage the general aspects of a renovation or construction project to ensure overall success. Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen renovation, they will ensure that the client’s vision will become a reality!


Any project, whether a basement or bathroom renovation, won’t be successful without the expertise of general contractors. As outlined above, they wear various hats—from licensing, contract finalization, to managing payments and resources down to collaboration, coordination, and overall management. When looking for an expert for your renovation project, make sure to perform due diligence, and factor in their knowledge, skills, level of expertise, and the track record of experience. 

If you’re looking for general contractors in London, Ontario, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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