Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Considering a Renovation Project – Our Guide

If you are someone who owns a basement level in your house, you’ve probably despised having to go down there and conduct business such as look through storage bins or clean. They’re normally damp, sometimes hot, and a whole lot scarier because of the movies we find ourselves watching on Netflix. It is just not a fun time to be down there for most people, but what many have considered is basement renovations, and perhaps you should, too.

With a creative design plan all laid out through the help of a design team, an unused basement can be turned into another bedroom, a game room, a man cave, or practically anything you wish. If that doesn’t sound good to you, we don’t know what will! Extra usable rooms are always a welcome addition, and will definitely make you want to have more people over to have fun! Do remember that there are things to keep in mind when remodelling your basement, so here are a few:

Avoid Mazes Of Small Rooms

You will want to keep your basement floor plan as open as possible, and perhaps consider only partitioning out some aspects such as rooms for the furnace, plumbing devices, and electricals. Otherwise, a clear and open-space is an amazing look for a basement, so try to avoid partitioning it into multiple smaller rooms, as it will make the area feel extremely confined. If you plan to convert the basement into a multi-functional space, consider half-walls, moving partitions, or pocket and sliding doors to open up and separate spaces when needed. 

Keep Moisture And Ventilation In Mind

The age of your home, how it was constructed and the environment around will affect how a stock basement functions and feels. Some do not have sufficient waterproofing that will keep it dry and free of mould and bacterial growth, so be sure to address these when going for a basement renovation. Ask your contractor about vapour barriers and moisture-resistant finishes for materials such as walls and flooring. If foundation cracks or drainage issues exist, have those fixed as well to avoid further problems when the basement is fully renovated. 

Install Lighting Properly

Basements can be very dark because of the lack of windows or light wells around the property. Add high-quality electrical lighting to keep the space lively and well lit, and do not skimp on electrical circuits for quality performance. Remember the three types of room lighting, namely: general illumination, task lights, and accent lights. These will add an extra special touch to your basement remodel and keep you wanting to stay in there for long periods of time.

Insulate And Make It Sound-proof

Hearing loud footsteps from above is irritating when it happens often, and a house’s first floor contains a lot of foot traffic daily. Keep the basement insulated and sound-proof through utilizing proper materials to avoid upper floor activity from being heard too explicitly. 

Always Remember Building Codes And Acquire The Necessary Permits

Whenever you make improvements to your home, these will often add value to the property, but ONLY if the space you finished complies with safety standards set by the government. Building codes should be studied by the professional to determine if your basement project complies with fire regulations, ingress and egress requirements, and other restrictions. Working with a proper design firm that specializes in construction in your area are likely to be aware of all these rules and regulations, so leave the technical side of it all up to them. 


Renovating a basement is more than just having an idea and pursuing it. With construction processes riddled with regulations and standards, it makes it complicated to pursue just any kind of remodelling. Also, the money you’ll be pouring out to complete the project will make you want to be sure that what you are doing is going to be done well. If you are not comfortable with conducting home improvements on your own, it is best to leave it up to the professionals. 

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