How Do I Know When My Windows Need To Be Replaced?

Back in 17th century Europe, having well-maintained windows was a sign of wealth and status. Luckily, expert-level window maintenance is much more accessible nowadays! But when is the right time to call in a contractor to care for your windows? Read on for 4 signs it’s time to upgrade and give your home’s windows the royal treatment.

Whistling Winds


WindowsMaybe your office feels just a bit colder than it did this time last year. Or maybe you’ve recently noticed how loud those blowing winds are. Listen for the telltale sound of a drafty window. Outdated windows are less effective in keeping out both the elements and outdoor sounds.


Higher Heating Bills


Are you cranking up the heat to compensate for drafty windows? After a replacement, you can turn down the heat and open the blinds for some natural sunny warmth. Not only will it be beautiful and bright, increasing the health and happiness of your household with increased exposure to vitamin D, but you’ll also save on heating costs.




When warm air from inside meets chilly glass panes, the result is a damp, drippy interior. If it gets colder, this condensation can freeze up into a layer of frost, which can then melt into a puddle at the base of the window and damage your floor. It’s a vicious cycle. Your home has no room for misbehaving windows! This goes double for single-pane windows, which offer little to no actual insulation.

Do you find it chilly and damp even around a window with two panes of glass? There may be a sealing issue with one or both of the layers of glass. If moisture builds up between the glass, rather than having water come in onto the floor, it may lead to water and even mould or pests getting trapped between panes.


Bad Frames


Window replacementYour windows shouldn’t be an eyesore. Decaying wood and peeling paint surrounding the glass of your windows will lower the value of your home. But these issues aren’t just cosmetic – they also make it easier for pests, drafts, and disease-causing mould and mildew to invade your house.

While you can certainly attempt to work DIY magic on your windows, replacing glass is a delicate job. Working with a certified Window Wise installer from SWO General Contracting grants you a number of benefits including protection against warranty failures and faulty products.

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