The 2020 Quick Guide to Remodeling Consultations

Remodelling is a big project for any property owner. The result heavily relies on the skills, talents, and experience of the contractors that you hired for the project. Because of that, you can either end up extremely happy or downright disappointed. In most cases, however, contractors deliver results, as long as property owners and general contractors have a successful remodelling consultation.  

Two things happen in a remodelling consultation: discussion about the budget with the corresponding scope of work and review of the consultant’s professional fee. 

1. Budget and Scope of Work

Before the consultation starts, property owners must know what they want before they discuss it with their consultant. In doing so, they relate their thoughts, dreams, and expectations about the project. However, do not be discouraged if you’re still undecided. Your consultant can help you realize your dream project too.

It makes the process more manageable if you already have something in mind. For example, if you clearly define your wants and needs with your kitchen renovation, the consultant can estimate a concrete budget based on the consultation. With a set estimate of the required budget, you can make compromises or even add more money depending on the outcome of the calculated budget. 

2. Consultant’s Professional Fee  

Most consultants provide a visual draft of their planned concept. As such, it is easy for you to visualize the output as well. Remember that the more revisions you require, the larger the consultation fee becomes. With that said, it is best to be clear from the very start so that your consultant can get it right in their first try. 

However, not all consultation projects have price tags. Simple phone or face-to-face conversations with pre-made drawings no longer require a fee. The biggest downside of going down this route is that designs tend to be more generic without a touch of your personality. So, if you want a bespoke bathroom renovation, for example, you should opt for the paid consultation instead.

What Happens During the Consultation Process?

Most consultations start with a call to inform the general contractor about your working budget and extent of work. After that, you should ask if they are adding extra charges for designs. If not, it is best to request a visualization of the output in their mind. 

The next step would be to tour them to the area that is the subject of the remodelling. Don’t be alarmed if they walk around adjacent house rooms. They do that to figure out a way to seamlessly blend the new remodel with the current design of your house. Aside from the design concerns, they’ll look at electrical and piping systems too. Some even go the extra mile and ask for blueprints of the house for more detailed inspections. 

You should be glad when the contractor does this. In doing so, they can avoid accidents like hitting a sewer line or electrical wiring. It also helps to save you the hassle from any delay caused by any accident. 

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