5 Design Tips to Style Your Contemporary Kitchen – Our Guide

Now that most houses and rental apartments are built smaller than older homes, it may feel too enclosed and restricting. A contemporary kitchen allows homeowners to feel refreshed and non-constraining, even on limited interior spaces. It embraces “openness” by creating spaces through natural lighting, open shelves, and minimalist furniture designs, to name a few.

If you want to achieve a contemporary style kitchen, here are five design tips you should follow:

Tip #1: Install large glass windows or floor-to-ceiling doors

Contemporary kitchens are all about open spaces and natural lighting. To achieve that, make sure that your kitchen has huge glass windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Glasses allow natural light to enter your space, giving your kitchen a significant amount of bright lighting, which saves your energy costs. Aside from that, glass windows and doors also provide an illusion that your kitchen is spacious. 

If you want to achieve a more relaxed vibe on your kitchen, consider having a garden, even a pocket one that is adjacent to your floor-to-ceiling glass doors. Glasses also give your space a minimalist look, which is the very sense of a contemporary kitchen.

Tip #2: Install sleek and elegant cabinets

Contemporary kitchens usually have delicate-looking cabinetry. To achieve that, install cabinets that have minimal design and detailings. You can also paint those all-white to create a fresh, spacious, and airy space.

Your cabinets are the first feature in your kitchen that the guests can see, so make sure to pay attention to it. For a contemporary look, stick to matte and sleek cabinet designs to give your space a sophisticated and elegant appeal.

Tip #3: Have several open kitchen shelves

Contemporary kitchens are all about “openness.” They embrace spaces and turn them into accent areas of the space.

To achieve a more spacious look, consider installing several open shelves in your kitchen. Also, remove the doors of some of your upper cabinets. Take this as an opportunity to showcase some of your most valuable and beautifully detailed kitchen wares, and your guests will surely love to talk about those intricate pieces.

Tip #4: Use minimalist design furniture, fixtures, and appliances

Another way you can style your kitchen to achieve a contemporary look is by placing pieces of furniture, fixtures, and appliances with minimalist design. A minimalist design is straightforward, sleek and modern-looking, has fewer details, and mostly uses “straight” detailing. This type of space also uses colours that are in the same shade.

One way of achieving a minimalist look is by using white colour on countertops, appliances, and seating furniture. For sleek fixtures, install modern pendant lights and metal sink and faucet.

Tip #5: Design an open kitchen layout

Unlike traditional older houses, modern homes today have an open layout concept, meaning that there is no clear distinction between different areas of the house. Since contemporary kitchens embrace “openness,” it would blend well on these open-concept houses.

Be creative on how you will layout your kitchen. Perhaps you can put a breakfast counter between your kitchen and living area. If you are not using it as a breakfast counter, it can even serve as additional seating when guests come over to your house.


A contemporary kitchen can help give a refreshed look and feel to your home. By embracing natural lighting, minimalist designs, and open spaces, it helps make your area look spacious and non-constraining even if you are renting a small apartment. Its modern design also brings elegance and sophistication to your home that was not present before.

If you are planning to do kitchen remodelling in London, ON, get in touch with us now. Whether you want to refresh your current kitchen design or upgrade to a contemporary space, let us help you!

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