4 Design Tips to Elevate Your Home Bathroom Experience

You may have enjoyed the look and feel of your bathroom when you first moved into your house. But now, you may wish to refurbish some of its parts. Luckily, you can go through remodelling for your convenience as you think of ways to enhance your space. You just need to know how to upgrade your bathroom with the right style options.

This article will discuss four crucial tips for improving your bathroom experience. Take this as a starting point to improve your living situation and think of ways to add excitement and value to your home. This way, you can sell it for a reasonable price or get the most out of it as one of your biggest investments.

  1. Go for seamless gloss finishes

You may be familiar with the different bathroom wall finishes placed either in the shower area wall or on the tile flooring. They do have some functionality in repelling water for easy cleaning. What you may not know is gloss finishes can also enhance the seamless, clean look of your bathroom, making it appear shiny and appealing than other finishes and rooms.

The best way to utilize glossy finishes with your bathroom is to choose visually impactful wall and flooring materials, like granite and decorative tilling. This way, you can adhere the gloss finish as a protective coating and enhance the surfaces’ final appearance. Consult with your remodelling contractor to help you make the perfect choice to enhance your bathroom experience.

  1. Think about expanding your tiny handwashing room

Most traditional houses have small rooms for handwashing near the stairs. It’s mostly for guests to use before going to the dining room, but it’s also ideal for big families. You may now realize you want to do something more with that room to allow more family members to use the bathroom conveniently. That’s why you may want to widen this handwashing area to a proper bathroom. Just don’t forget to ask your contractor for an estimate and inspection for the feasibility of this remodelling venture.

  1. Look into built-in storage and other space-saving solutions

Many homeowners tend to outgrow their bathrooms due to lifestyle changes. For instance, they may have designated washing areas for their children but don’t use them anymore since they moved out. These changes often result in having little-to-no more space for fixtures, different hygiene products, and other accumulated items over the years.

To fix storage issues, you can request your renovation contractors for recommendations as they inspect your bathroom and plot out a floor plan. This way, you can ensure convenient use that is suitable for your needs and preferences.

  1. Decide between partial or full bathroom renovations

This bathroom renovation project may not be the first time you are improving your living space, as you may have made some adjustments in the past. It means you don’t have to get the whole room remodelled, especially if most of the design elements still make sense together. However, there may just be one or two things you want to be addressed.

As such, you need to decide if what you want is a full or partial renovation service. This way, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your bathroom and still improve its usability. You can request help from your hired contractors and check their finished projects to make the best choice.


Thinking of new ways to better your home bathroom experience can be challenging. Fortunately, you may now have some noteworthy ideas based on the previously mentioned tips. You just need to put these plans into action by working with the right professionals. Get your bathroom and other rooms renovated today!

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