5 Excellent Tips for Your Basement Renovation – Our Guide

Did you know that your home basement can increase the overall value of your property? When it comes to a home renovation, the basement is one of the areas that are often renovated. Unfortunately, many homeowners still tend to ignore the basement, which ends up being merely a storage room for unwanted household items. What many fail to realize is that it can be transformed into a highly functional and visually appealing area. Not only does it add space and enhance comfort, but it can also help you save up in the long run with efficient materials and installation.

If you don’t know how to proceed with your basement renovation, we’ve prepared a rundown of five valuable tips for you:

1. Add a subfloor

A subfloor is the thick flat surface where all other layers rest on; the bottom-most layer resting on the joists serving as a vital component for your basement. When it comes to this, it’s best to find and choose a ready-to-use engineered wood product that comes with a tongue and groove design for quick and easy installation. Ultimately, ensure that the product has a high R-value because the higher it is, the better it will insulate your basement.

2. Inspect for cracks

During the subfloor installation, take the initiative to check the foundation walls and floor to look for any cracks. If you notice any, be sure to treat those with carbon fibre for a crack repair solution. As you may or may not be aware, carbon fibre is a more durable option than traditional steel metals. Also, it is relatively easy and straightforward to install. With this option, it can be the perfect solution for a variety of repair uses and applications.

3. Incorporate a detailed design

When pursuing a basement renovation, it is vital that you sit down, consult with your contractor, and come up with a detailed design. As much as possible, you should create a blueprint on how you want to come up with the perfect basement for your household needs. Whether it’s an entertainment hub, a guest room, or highly functional storage, be sure that everything’s well planned and executed. In the end, you want to bring your basement vision into a reality!

4. Install a good drainage system 

When it comes to a basement renovation, keep in mind that the drainage system is a vital part of the overall equation. Generally, a home is built with the main floor drain. Yet, if this doesn’t exist, you still have several options. For instance, you can have a French drain as an effective yet costly option. Also, you can have drain tiles near the exterior of the foundation wall, or you can have a sump pump, which can be an excellent option for you as well.

5. Consider energy efficiency

For your remodelling, always have energy efficiency in mind, especially in terms of the materials and products used to install and set up for your basement. That way, you can ensure its efficiency and performance, helping you save up on your monthly bills in the long run.


A basement renovation is a valuable home project you can ever undertake. However, you have to be highly critical and ensure that you make it work. To do so, be sure to add a subfloor, inspect for potential cracks, install a proper drainage system, and consider the energy efficiency. Ultimately, work with a highly reputable contractor who can transform your basement from dull and boring storage into a functional living space. 

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