5 Helpful Tips for Remodelling Your Basement

Basement renovations are no easy feat. It’s a considerable investment that requires careful planning to ensure you produce your desired output. With that said, here are several things you need to consider for getting the basement space of your dreams:

1. Keep your basement moisture-free  

If your basement is constantly wet or damp, then remodelling might not be possible. If your basement is teeming with moisture due to factors such as poor ventilation, then it’s best that you address the problem first before any remodelling can commence. If significant flooding is present, you’ll need to hire plumbing services to fix the broken water source. If the problem is that your basement walls are always wet, try to coat it with a water-lock paint. Also, if your basement has cracks that can potentially hold moisture, you’ll need to cover it with a caulking product. 

2. Renovate a purpose in mind  

There are various ways you can use your basement. Since basements are naturally cold, dark, and well insulated, it’s best to carefully choose a purpose for the space. Basements are actually the perfect place to turn into a home theatre or game room, as basements are low-light and have closed interiors. 

If you’re feeling extra nerdy, you can renovate your basement into a secret hideout complete with a theme related to your favourite game or novel. The possibilities are endless!

3. Install fake walls for aesthetics

Fake walls are essential in a basement renovation. Aside from hiding dangerous electrical wires and other unpleasant sights, they can also enhance the basement’s aesthetics by providing you with a blank canvas to paint, install wallpaper, or hang decor.

Pro Tip: Use steel studs as the skeletal figure for your fake wall, as it’s easy to run electrical wires through its pre-bored holes. 

4. Make sure your electric connections follow the latest code

The law requires you to have a particular number of outlets in your basement. Although you might find the other outlets unnecessary, you’re mandated by law to do so. Failure to comply might lead to legal actions filed against you. 

5. Ensure that your new basement meets your heating and cooling needs

Most basements stay cool during the summer. The same basements can stay warm during the winter if you install a working furnace. However, this isn’t the case for your basement, you need to make some minor arrangements. You can install modern electrical heaters to help warm your basement during colder seasons. For warmer seasons, you can connect your HVAC system to your basement to provide fresh, crisp air. 


Basement renovations are worth every penny. As long as you plan out everything carefully, surely little will go wrong. Again, before starting your renovation, make sure that there’s no presence of water in your basement. Moisture in an insulated space can lead to mold infestations, rendering your renovation worthless.

Aside from the tips we’ve mentioned above, make sure your basement is well-lit too. Proper lighting allows you to appreciate the fruits of your basement remodelling. 

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