5 Ways to Make Your Home a Haven During a Pandemic – Our Guide

Whether your city has an active lockdown order or not, amid a global pandemic, most people’s lives have revolved around staying at home. Even if you want to step outside, many commercial areas remain closed, and activities in public spaces are minimal. People are now looking for ways to be able to live full, productive lives while staying safe at home.

Before the pandemic, the overall design of a home and the uses of its rooms had different priorities. Some may have been tailored for entertaining guests with large dining areas and extra bedrooms. Others might have small kitchens because owners preferred to dine out. With daily habits changing to respond to the need to stay home, typical home design will start to look very different moving forward.

You might have already tried to move some furniture around your living area to make space for a work desk or converted an empty bedroom into a home gym. Whatever your lifestyle choices are, your house design will probably need to adjust to cater to them. Whether you are planning to construct a new home, or renovate your existing one to make it more than just a place to bunker down, here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Natural light, and lots of it

While some people enjoy spending lots of time indoors, it is unhealthy for human beings to be without regular exposure to sunlight. Consider having large windows installed by your general contractor, or incorporate them in your future construction so that you can use the sun’s natural light to illuminate your home as well as provide warmth. Having natural light fill your home can also boost your mood and uplift your spirits. 

  1. More outdoor space

Some people prefer to have build square footage than leave open spaces, thinking parks and common areas can substitute for the lack of a yard. Nowadays, having your own patch of greenery is invaluable. Having a private area to take in the fresh air and sit under blue skies will help break the monotony of staying inside. Consult your designer on how you can maximize your design to incorporate more backyard space in your current or future home. 

  1. Renewable sources of energy

While staying at home keeps you from shopping at malls and spending money at expensive restaurants, households are consuming more energy than ever before. If you can invest in a renewable energy source for your home, like solar panels or wind turbines, you can store electricity to use to power your lights or heating systems. It can reduce your utility bills in the long run, as well as your carbon footprint. 

  1. A child-friendly study area

Many children are now out of traditional schools, and parents now have little choice but to continue education at home. While having a play area for young children is common in many households, it might be time to be deliberate about providing a conducive study environment for them. Having a dedicated space to conduct lessons or to attend online classes can help children focus. It can also teach them to distinguish between time for learning and free play.

  1. A new kind of home office

If you are fortunate enough to have a job that allows you to work from home, you might want to dedicate an area for your home office. It should be more than just a place to put your desk and your computer. Home offices should have their own defined space that allows you to keep your work and personal times separate. It can also reduce your stress levels to be able to step away from your work environment at the end of the day. 

In Conclusion

Lifestyles have undoubtedly changed, perhaps permanently, because of the pandemic. Staying home will be the main priority and sometimes the only option for most households for the foreseeable future. Consult your local general contractor about what changes you can make in your existing design. You can also ask your custom home designer to consider these tips when planning your new one. You can make sure your house is a safe, enjoyable, and valuable place to live in while waiting for this pandemic to end.

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