3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Basement Finishing

Before you decide to sell your home, consider making some changes to increase its value. For example, if your current basement is still unfinished, you can choose to transform it into a space that will encourage future homebuyers to seal the deal. This little adjustment can be your game-changer, as it will boost your home’s value and make the experience of living in it better.

Before you undertake a basement finishing or remodelling project, you need to ask yourself the following questions first:

What will be the new purpose of your basement?

Every household takes on basement finishing or renovation projects for different reasons. Some need an extra family room; others want a game room or a bar area for added entertainment. Some families turn their basement into a guest space complete with a mini-kitchen and a bathroom or an office area, and most simply need additional home storage. 

Knowing how you want the basement to turn out will help you determine your next steps. Massive changes, such as turning a basement into a kitchen or adding an extra bathroom, will require plumbing and electrical services. Once you decide on your basement’s new purpose, you can start looking for inspiration photos or jotting down notes on what you want your space to have.

What should you prepare?

Similar to a home renovation, basement finishing will also demand preparations, such as the technical requirements before the finishing or reconstruction begins.

  • Securing a permit

Never skip this step. If you think that you can get away with this important step because all the work will occur inside your house, then you are only partially right. It is possible to pretend like no construction is happening inside your property, but you should know the potential consequences of doing so:

  • You will be forced to redo everything if you get caught, which is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Your home’s future buyers can demand a lower price because you cannot provide a certificate of occupancy for the work when your basement was renovated.

Getting a permit is just a one-step task, and once you are done with it, you are free to start your renovation. Moreover, basement finishing will not have much of an impact on your taxes—unlike a full-house renovation—so do not worry over this financial concern.

  • Dry the room and waterproof it

The basement is the part of the house that is almost always wet and prone to flooding. That is because most of the maintenance pipes and other things are installed there. Before beginning your renovation, make sure that your basement is one-hundred-percent ready. There should be no moisture buildup, mould, rot, and other problems. 

Check your room and look for wall cracks that need to be patched. If necessary, add drainage or install sump pumps. Make sure to ask your future contractor to use building materials that will help keep your basement dry and waterproof. 

  • Check your ceiling height

Some municipalities have particular rules about the ceiling height of any basement. The most common requirement is about seven feet. If your basement does not meet this building code, ask your contractor to do something about it. You can either move the pipes and ducts to other areas of the house or lower the floor to meet the specification. 

Who will be your contractor?  

Once you have answered and dealt with the questions above, you are almost ready to start your basement renovation. The last thing you need to do is find the right contractor to help you make your dream basement come to life. 

When looking for a contractor or a remodelling company, here are some guidelines:

  • Set a budget.
  • Check their license and ask for insurance information.
  • Check their previous works.
  • View their online reviews and ratings. 
  • Pay attention to how they communicate. 


Searching for a basement finishing contractor is relatively easy, but finding real experts may take some more research. The most important decision you need to make in this process is choosing your contractors since they will carry out most of the project’s tasks. Contact them, ask questions, and remember to evaluate their qualifications.

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