Basement Remodeling Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season presents many fantastic opportunities for families across the country. It’s the time of the year that you celebrate with friends and family, making it a genuinely beautiful occasion. However, before everyone arrives and the whirlwind holiday season begins, consider sprucing up your home to make it more comfortable and presentable. Remodeling your basement is a great way to start.

With so little time on hand, you may think this is impossible. However, you can instead upgrade an area that doesn’t see much use or activity—like your basement! Since it’s away from high-traffic areas, you can transform your basement into a gorgeous new space that guests will love.

Here are some basement renovation ideas to transform your home:

Guest Bedroom

You may be worried about not having enough room for guests to kick back and relax in during their stay. By turning your basement into a guest bedroom, you’ll give fresh new life to a once-unused and dimly lit room.

Aside from holidays, a guest bedroom will always come in handy, like if you have weekend visitors. With this in mind, you’ll want to choose light or soft colours, along with artificial lighting, to illuminate the space. This room doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, therefore, you’ll want to choose bright and warm colours and lighting. You may even find yourself spending a lot of time in this room!

Recreation or Activity Room

If you have children, or many friends, and love entertaining, then a recreation room can completely transform your basement. This basement renovation idea is convenient even though it may be too late to transform for the holidays. There are plenty of opportunities in the coming months that will allow you to entertain family and guests there.

Not only for entertaining, but your basement can double as a family room. You can also outfit it with game consoles so your kids can invite their friends to spend the afternoon there. This flurry of activities in the basement will keep the rest of the house nice and quiet.

Home Office

Many people work from home nowadays, which means the line between home and work is more blurrier than ever. To create a distinct workspace away from your bedroom, transform your basement into a home office. Your basement is equipped with natural soundproofing qualities, which means you’ll have all the peace you need to focus. You can also transfer all your work tools, books, and files without cluttering your bedroom.

The only disadvantage to this type of basement renovation is the moisture that ends up settling here. Before you revamp your basement into a home office, make sure you completely waterproof it first. That way, you can protect your electronics and other items from damage.

Extra Bathroom

An extra bathroom will always come in handy, especially when you have people over for the holidays. It will minimize bathroom wait time. Installing an extra bathroom will also improve your home’s market value, which is crucial if you intend to sell later.


Basement renovations are always an exciting project to undertake as there are many potentials in this underground space. It can be anything you want it to be; an extra bedroom, a recreation room, a home office, or a bathroom. By working with general contractors in London, you’ll completely transform your basement!

SWO Contracting is southwestern Ontario’s renovation experts. With over 25 years of experience in building and renovating in London, Ontario, we can make you fall in love with your home all over again. We specialize in high-quality, custom-designed renovations. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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